Thursday, 3 March 2016

The EMO question

To be EMO or Not to be.....

An existential conversation with my daughter:

Me: why do you dress like a Goth.

D: I’m not Goth! How dare you! I’m Emo!

Me: Emo? Like some animal?

D: Huh! (Rolling her eyes) short for EMOTIONAL!

Me: Emotional about what?

D: Everything!

Me: What do 15 year olds get emotional about? Apart from being liked and accepted. What’s everything? Are you emotional about how to earn money to feed yourself, pay the rent, pay the government? What?

D: Why are you asking me this, its weird!

Me: I’m interested. Is that why you like these grays, blues and black clothes?

D: Yah! That is also why I like the bands like Bastille, twenty one pilots, Atlas Genius, Death Cab for Cuties etc. Their song ask the existential questions. It’s not just about falling in love.

Me: Did I fail you in life? Have I not given you everything you ever wanted?

D: Mum stop it, I don’t want to talk about being Emo with you.

Me: Why? I’m being Emo too.

D: What?!

Me: Emotional, about the existential question of parenting.

D: What, you are so weird.

Me: Isn’t that cool?

D: No! It’s weird for you!

Me: I Googled "EMO" and the urban dictionary says that Emo girl like to watch Emo boys make out. Do  you do that?

D: Yuck! Mum. Stop! I don’t like watching anyone kiss, why would I like watching guys kiss. Yuck!

Me; That is what I was wondering? Did you suddenly become “kissing tolerant”?
D: OMG! Mum!... OK. I am not Emo. I just like the bands, and their music. I like wearing grays, blues and black. That is about it. Now leave me alone. I don’t want to talk about this!

And that is how you get your child to stop being a true EMO!

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